DIY a Stylish Tote Bag

With stores moving away from using plastic bags, fabric tote bags are becoming an essential item to bring with you if you want to go shopping. Instead of using your bland blank tote bag, update it to be the perfect stylish bag for grocery shopping, carrying your lunch to work, or holding reading materials for the bus. Handmade tote bags also make for a great way to wrap presents for parties or as an inexpensive but thoughtful thank you present that you can customize!


- Price: $340/ workshop/ up to 3 hours*

- Suitable for: all ages from 9+ **

- All art materials included, i.e. a canvas tote bag with zipper (size: 42Wx34H cm, handle 22cm), a free flow of quality acrylic paints, brushes, palette, apron, idea books and a soft drink

*     Any 3 hours within opening hours. Add $80 for an additional hour. Advance booking required. 

**  For kids age 3-9 years?  Join the workshop with a parent at $400 (1 adult + 1 kid)!

Want a private Tote Bag Painting Party? WhatsApp us at 66951161 for fees and booking.



Chocolart Studio will provide you with learning basic techniques.  i.e.  expert guidance on choosing subject from our idea books,  overview of the basic art supplies,  how to use these materials and getting started,  perfect your painting with 5 mins touch up by our expert!



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