Digital ArtDigital Drawing Workshops

 (8 -15 years old & Adults)


  Tuesday to Sunday 10am-7pm



Digital Drawing Workshop (8 -15+ years old)

This workshop is tailor made for kids who are interested in learning digital drawing!

In the Digital Drawing Workshop, students can either use a iPad or mobile tablets to create their works

(*iPad highly recommended*)

Students will be divided into groups according to their skill level: beginners and advanced. Students with no prior digital art experience are required to take beginner level classes, while those who have experience drawing digitally will have their work assessed by our instructor in order to place them.

For beginners: our instructor will help the students understand how to use the drawing programs, learn basic drawing techniques, and then guide them as they choose a focus in their style (i.e. illustration or digital painting). We will use Sketchbook app with a tablet in class.

Intro to using drawing programs

  • Brushes (Types and sizes. Which brush is good for what purpose - outlines or shading)
  • Colouring (Paint bucket tool. Flat colour. Gradient)
  • Lasso tool (Copy pasting selections, resizing, making corrections)
  • Using layers 

Advanced students: These are students that have experimented with digital drawing in the past, and need expert advice on how to refine their artwork.

The classes might focus on:

  • Anatomy studies
  • Colouring and blending techniques
  • Concept Design (Environment, character, creature design etc)
  • Stylization and developing their own art style

Equipment: Students should bring their own iPad and Apple Pencil.

Software: Students can download Sketchbook app for free at Apple App Store or Google Play. The studio uses Sketchbook app and Procreate app for iPad for teaching.












* First Trial class fee: HK$250/session  

- Trial class can be used for one time only

- Reschedule is valid for one time within 30 days of first schedule trial class date.


Digital Drawing Workshop 

Flexible Schedule Wednesday to Sunday 10am-7pm


4-session package: HK$1,630 (1.5 hours per class) - valid for 2 months

6-session package: HK$2,160 (1.5 hours per class) - valid for 2.5 months 

8-session package HK$2,880 (1.5 hours per class) - valid for 4 months


*To enroll, please fill out the enrolment form on the right* 

Package Discounts:

8 sessions get HK$100 off, Two 8- class packages HK$300 off

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Adverse Weather Arrangements: Classes will be cancelled when the Typhoon Signal no. 8 is raised and/or the Black Rainstorm warning is in force. If Typhoon Signal no. 8 and/or the Black Rainstorm warning is lowered before 12noon, we will open the studio at 2:00pm. We will try to arrange for make-up classes where possible (subject to the availability of studio space and teaching staff). No refunds will be given for classes cancelled under these circumstances. Please WhatsApp us at +852 6695 1161 to reschedule. Thank you!







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