About (Since 2014)

Chocolart Studio is an environment that intends to encourage creativity through various art media for our community. We are dedicated to offer art education through oil painting, acrylic painting, sketching  or other handicraft to children, teens and adults in all levels of proficiency and committed to cultivate children's creative potential. 

The Philosophy of Choco L'ART

Choco & L'art (The Art in French) 

Mood booster 

Chocolate has been linked to chemicals which cause happiness in humans, as well as making children smile. As a piece of chocolate melts on your tongue, you can literally feel stress leave you and bliss greet you. 

Same as chocolate, painting is stress relieving and rejuvenating, perfect for busy metropolitans. Just loosen up yourself and relax on canvases. Happiness is when you finally get to know yourself, communicate with your soul through the movement of paintbrush. 

Simple pleasures in life 

In the past, chocolate was deemed "the food of the gods," only for the elite to enjoy. Likewise, people think painting is so difficult, it should only be attempted after many years of study. This is not true at all. We believe creativity goes beyond technique and inspiration. There are no good or bad drawing skills. Just discover your hidden talent and express yourself in art. Experience art as an elevated part of your lives – so full of passion, joy and surprises. Just like chocolate, art is ordinarily one of the simple pleasures in life.

Chocolart assures you will have pleasant art experience here and feel contented with your masterpiece, as if you have just tasted a piece of chocolate! We hope to see you soon!


Enjoy Life! Enjoy Art!

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