Monthly Art Classes 

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Neon light canvas workshop
Two colors neon light on canvas (1 or 2 meters)
- Colors available: White, red, orange, yellow, light blue, green, pink & purple
- Power bank included with two 2A batteries
- 2 neon light strings included.
- 5 designs available
Workshop duration: ~2-2.5 hours (Wednesday 6:30-9pm)
A.HK$428/person for one 30x30 circle canvas. B. HK$448 for/person for one 30x40cm oval canvas
*Two people make one canvas together add HK$180.
WhatsApp booking (852) 66951161. Full payment required to confirm booking.
Family Christmas Painting Workshop

Join us to paint a beautiful Chirstmas painting for your home and make this Christmas a memorable one for your family. Our instructor will show you step by step to make this painting together. Limited gift: a table stand wood easel for first 10 families.

Dates and time: Nov 25/ Dec 2/ Dec 9/ Dec 23 Saturday 4:30pm (~1.5 hours)

Fees: HK$380 for 1 parent and 1 child under 9 years old (max 4 families per session)

Whatsapp booking: (852) 66951161. Full payment is required to confirm booking. 

Fluid Art Workshop 



















Date: WhatsApp us at +852 6695 1161 to set your class date and time.

Duration: 1.5- 2 hours


Fluid Art Canvas (1- 1.5 hours)


Price: HK$530/person


(2 pieces of canvases per person: 20x20cm and 30x30cm, art materials: 4 colors of acrylic paints and tools included)

(DIY Clock parts +HK$40/set)

*Please note it will take 2-3 days for the paintings to air dry at our studio*


Full payment is required upon booking. WhatsApp booking +852 66951161

Click here for more Fluid art painting photos in our Instagram



Resin Fluid Art Workshop 



Our instructor will show you how to use epoxy to create a stunning and abstract designs on brass plate or wood plate. The process starts by mixing the resin with a hardener, and then adding pigments to create a unique color and texture through various techniques, such as blowing or tilting the surface, to achieve the different patterns and designs. The resin then hardens and creates a glossy, smooth, and durable finish. 

Duration: ~1-1.5 hour

HK$380/person for one wood plate (21cm) 

HK$400/person for one brass plate (14cm)

HK$420/person for one brass plate (20cm)

** Please note it takes 24 hours to dry and need to pick up on a different day**

Please whatsapp (852) 6695 1161 to make booking.


Fluid Art Bear / Bunny Brick (1- 1.5 hours)





One 23cm bear/bunny brick HK$320/person 


Full payment is required upon booking. WhatsApp booking +852 66951161

*Please note it will take 2-3 days for the bear/bunny to air dry at our studio*


Fluid Art Rabbit Moon Lamp 



One 21cm (h) rabbit or bear moon lamp HK$340/person

Full payment is required upon booking. WhatsApp booking +852 66951161

*Please note it will take 2-3 days for the bear/bunny to air dry at our studio*



Preserved Flowers Glass Workshop




Come join our Preserved Flowers Workshop to create an unique floral gift together with your loved one. Our instructor will show you the basics of creating a beautiful floral arrangement for your chosen glass vessel. One free notecard will be provided for you to write your personal messages. 

*We use roses from Earth Matters Japan, Verdissimo Colombia and Florever Japan*




Special price: HK$480 for one glass


* 2 types of Glass vessels available until stock lasts*


A. Glass Dome with wooden base (LED string lights included)

2 Roses (3cm-4cm) and 2 roses (2-3cm)

Size: ~12cm (w) x 15cm (h)

B. Glass Ball with wooden base (LED string lights included) 

2 Roses (3.5cm-4.5cm) and 1 rose (2-3cm)

Size: 12cm diameter.

WhatsApp booking +852 66951161 to book a class. (Full payment required to upon booking)












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