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Summer is here! DIY your very own tie dye t-shirt, tote bag, cushion and handkerchief !

HK$320 for a t-shirt and choose one more item (tote bag/cushion/handkerchief). You are welcome to bring in one piece 100% white cotton new small garment (t-shirt, socks, scarf or hat). Note: The garment needs to be washed with hot water at home after tie-dye.

 - Price: $320/ workshop/ 1.5-2 hours* (We will provide a practice session before you start to tie-dye the items)

- Suitable for: all ages from 9+ **

- All art materials included, i.e. a white tee/cushion cover, tote bag and handkerchief

- Cushions come with a premium quality polyester-filled cushion pad

- Cushion cover is washable 

*     Any 1.5-2 hours within opening hours. Add $60 for an additional hour and $60 for additional item. Advance booking required.

**  For kids age 3-9 years?  Join the workshop with a parent at $400 (1 adult + 1 kid for 2 t-shirts and 1 cushion cover/1 tote bag)!

Want a private Tie-Dye Party? WhatsApp us at 66951161 for fees and booking.












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