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Tie Dye Workshops







DIY your very own tie dye t-shirt, tote bag, cushion and handkerchief !

HK$320 for a t-shirt and choose one more item (tote bag/cushion/handkerchief)

 - Price: $320/ workshop/ 2 hours*

- Suitable for: all ages from 9+ **

- All art materials included, i.e. a white tee/cushion cover, tote bag and handkerchief

- Cushions come with a premium quality polyester-filled cushion pad

- Cushion cover is machine-washable 

*     Any 2 hours within opening hours. Add $60 for an additional hour. Advance booking required.

**  For kids age 3-9 years?  Join the workshop with a parent at $400 (1 adult + 1 kid)!

Chocolart Studio will provide you with learning basic techniques.  i.e.  expert guidance on choosin subject from our idea books,  overview of the basic art supplies,  how to use these materials and getting started,  perfect your painting with 5 mins touch up by our expert!










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