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Preserved Flowers Glass Ball, Preserved Flower Bouquet & Fresh Flower Bouquet





Preserved Flower Glass Ball  |玻璃球花

David Austin Roses: Classic English Roses with attractive shrubby appearance

Sizes: 15cm x 15cm round

Black retro or white pine bottom

Flowers: Japanese Austin Roses and Sea Shell preserved flowers

3.5cm x 3

4.5cm x 3

5.5cm x 1



A. WhatsApp order: HK$488* (4-7 days lead time) WhatsApp number 66951161.


B. DIY Workshop HK$688* (3hrs) Book here 


*Upgrade size: Extra HK$+68 up


**Includes all materials


Preserved Rose Bouquet 永生花花束

Roses, Cotton Flowers, Baby's Breath & Salvia


 Size | Price

 WhatsApp order (4-7 days lead time) WhatsApp number 66951161

 Big| 38cm x 28cm |  HK$688up 

 Small| 32cm x 20cm | HK$488up



 *Includes all materials




Fresh Rose Bouquet 鮮花花束


Main Flowers:






Other seasonal flowers


Companion Flowers:

Baby's Breath





Number of Roses 
5 Roses|HK$368
9 Roses  | HK$520
12 Roses | HK$688
10% off over 12 Roses





Floral Polymer Clay Crystal Earrings 水晶陶瓷泥耳環 

Peach Blossom - Symbol of Love

Phalaenopsis - Happiness is coming to you

Size: One Size

Color: Gold/Silver


- Gold plated earrings

- Polymer clay @Sculpey and Acicular Crystal @India embellished charms

- Set of 2 pairs

- Measures approx 3-4cm in diameter


A. Whatsapp order HK$168 up (4-7 days lead time) WhatsApp number 66951161 

B. DIY Workshop HK$380 (3 hrs) Book here 

* Includes all materials

Notes for Workshops:

Non-refundable deposit to confirm booking:

- HK$200 for Preserved Flowers Workshops

- HK$100 for Polymer Clay Workshops 


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