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Homemade Spa Workshops 


Pamper your loved ones with homemade spa gifts. Make a scented bath bomb, soap bar and bath salts with different essential oils from our menu, dried flowers and decorate with gold lustre. 


For the ingredients, we carefully choose only quality Glycerin, Shea butter, Epson salt, Himalayan salt, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil that are all natural and therefore they are very good to your skin. Choose your favourite essential oil from our menu or mix them up as you like.



 Homemade Spa Workshop HK$350/person; 2 persons HK$300/each

  (2 hours)

  A. 1 Bath Bomb (8cm) + Bath Salts (100ml)

  B. 2 Soap Bars + Bath Salts (100 ml)


 *Packing materials

 **Essential oils and dried flowers (i.e. Calendula, Rose petals) selection

 ***Quality spa materials

 **** Step by step instructions

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