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全新皮具工作坊 Leather Workshop (NEW!)

- Leather key chain (鎖匙扣) HK$398/ 2 in each set (3 hours)
- Leather card holder (卡片套) HK$398/each (3 hours)
- Leather coin purse (散銀包) HK$398/each (3 hours)
- Leather wallet (短銀包) HK$698/each (5 hours)

Introductory Leather Workshop 入門皮具工作坊

For beginners, participants can learn to make simple leather goods first. For example, Card holder, Triangle Coin Purse, Lettering keychain, etc. 

- 例如散銀包,鎖匙扣, 卡片套等(可參考圖片)。

- Choose the leather you like, Vegetable tan, Burnished leather, or Grained cowhide leather 
(*Leather selection updated regularly)
- Free lettering service for all leather products
- Fees include materials and tools for the workshop
- Choose a preset layout and cannot be changed once confirmed
- Add $60 for an extra hour

- 皮料可到時自選,種類分別是植鞣皮, 擦蠟皮,壓紋等牛皮(*定期更新皮料選擇)
- 所有皮革產品均有免費刻字服務
- 費用包括材料、工具借用
- 此課程已設計好版圖,不可更改款式
- 如未能完成, 可以每小時 +HK$60 

To sign up/報名 : 
Please call 3957-3689 or WhatsApp 6695-1161

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