2023 Winter Holiday Art Camp 

December 16- Jan 5 (Tuesday - Sunday 10am-7pm)

This December we invite your kids to join us for the Winter Holiday Art Workshops! Choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-day camp and do their favourite art activities. Your child can choose from all the art and craft activities we offer and make this school holiday an artistic one! Our instructors will provide detailed instructions to your child during the class.

Hurry up to register! WhatsApp us at +852 6695 1161 or fill out the online enrolment form (Note: All classes must be finished on or before January 5, 2024)

Class fees:

Creative Kids (3-8 yrs old - 1 hour per class):

1 class HK$330; 2 classes HK$640; 3 classes HK$930; 4 classes: HK$1,210, 5 classes HK$1,438, 6 classes HK$1,620; 8 classes HK$2,180

Artistic Juniors (9-15 yrs old- 1.5 hour per class):

1 class HK$390, 2 classes HK$760; 3 classes HK$1,110; 4 classes HK$1,430, 5 classes HK$1,685, 6 classes HK$1,860; 8 classes HK$2,530

Famous Artists (4-12 yrs old- 1 hour 15 mins per class):

4 classes - HK$1,360 or 6 classes HK$2,040


Digital Drawing (9-15 yrs old- 1.5 hour per class):

4 classes HK$1,630; 6 classes HK$2,160; 8 classes HK$2,880 (Students need iPad, Apple Pencil for class and install Procreate app)



Package Discounts:

One 8-session package gets HK$100 off; Two 8-session packages get HK$300 off








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