Choco L’ART  2021 Summer Art Workshops 


Welcome to Choco L’ART Summer Art Workshop 2021! We offer fun, lively, quality art classes and workshops to your child. Our summer art courses allow kids to develop his or her natural talents in a safe, fun, non-competitive and attentive setting. Kids can come once a week, twice a week or make it a 5 day summer art camp.


Our students are free to pursue individual projects at their own pace whether they choose to work on art painting, crafts & drawing . We also provide different themed projects as well for younger kids and teenagers. Our studio is simply an Art lab and also an Art playground for children to explore. Our professional instructors are very experienced in guiding and working with children of different ages. Don't waste the summer and come to have fun!


Our summer workshops start from June 1st 2021. Don’t miss the chance to learn the Amazing Art and Craft Skills from Choco L’ART!


Early Bird Discounts:

Sign up before May 20, 2021: 4 classes get HK$100 off; 8 classes get HK$200 off

Limited seats. First come first served.           


To Enroll please fill in the online enrollment form. Thanks.  


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