Digital Art Workshops

Digital Drawing Workshop (6 -15 years old & Adults)




** No Class on July 1 (Thur) & July 5 (Mon) **


Digital Drawing Workshop (6 -15 years old)


This workshop is tailor made for kids who are interested in learning digital drawing!


In the Digital Drawing Workshop, students use a computer and drawing tablet or an iPad and stylus to create their works. Our instructors will help students understand how to use the drawing programs, learn basic drawing techniques, and then guide them as they choose a focus in their style (i.e. 2d animation, illustration, digital painting or graphic design).


Intro to using the drawing programs:

- Brushes (Types and sizes. Which brush is good for what purpose - outlines or shading)

- Colouring (Paint bucket tool. Flat colour. Gradient)

- Lasso tool (Copy pasting selections, resizing, making corrections)

- Shortcut keys (To speed up workflow)

- Using layers

For beginners and younger students we will use Autodesk Sketchbook in class. For more advanced students we will suggest other software related to their focus.


Students will be divided into groups according to their age.

  • Equipment: Students bring their own laptop with drawing tablet (i.e. Wacom) or iPad and Apple Pen.
  • Software: Students can download Autodesk Sketchbook for free at Apple App Store as well as on their laptop.


Digital Drawing 6-10 years old (1.5 hours)





* First Trial class fee: HK$138/session  (1 session: HK$276)


4-session package: HK$1,630 (1.5 hours per class) 

8-session package HK$2,880 (1.5 hours per class) 

Package Discounts:

One 8-class package HK$100 off, Two 8- class packages HK$300 off

Limited seats. First come first served. To Enroll please fill in the online enrollment form. 

Workshop Contents:

1. Pixel Art

2. Pixel Animation

3. Cartoon /Creature design

4. Vector Art


  •  Equipment: Students bring their own iPads and stylus pens 
  •  Software: Students (6-11 years old) can download Autodesk Sketchbook for free and please install before class.




Digital Drawing 11-15 years old & Adults (1.5 hours)




* First Trial Class fee: HK$138/session (1 session: HK$276)


4-session package: HK$1,630 (1.5 hours per class) 

8-session package HK$2,880 (1.5 hours per class) 

Package Discounts:

8 sessions get HK$100 off

Workshop Contents:

1. Introduction to Animation

2. Vector Art

3. Digital Painting (Realistic)

4. Concept Design (Environment, character, creature design etc)


  • Equipment: Students bring their own laptops with drawing tablets (i.e. Wacom) and stylus pens.     
  • Software: (11-15+ years old) can start with Autodesk Sketchbook and later the instructor will advise about using Adobe Photoshop. Please download and install Sketchbook before class.

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