Digital Art Workshops

Digital Drawing Workshop (6 -15 years old) 





Digital Drawing Workshop (6 -15 years old)


We are bringing you a new workshop this summer for kids who are interested in learning digital drawing!


In the Digital Drawing Workshop, students use computer, tablet, Ipad and stylus to create digital drawings and illustrations and also turn traditional drawings and paintings into digital. Painting and illustration skills and techniques will be taught throughout the course. 


Our instructor will teach different drawing and painting skills and techniques such as using various brushes, paint effects, layers and composition layout on the device to create digital drawing. Students can choose projects like story illustration, poster design, magazine covers and more.


For beginners and younger students we will use Autodesk Sketchbook in the class. For 11-15 years old students we will use Adobe Photoshop to work on creating different digital drawing projects. Students can choose projects like character design, landscape design, story illustration, poster design, magazine covers and more.


Students will be divided into groups according to their age.

  • Equipment: Students bring their own laptop with drawing tablet (i.e. Wacom) or iPad and Apple Pen.
  • Software: Students can download Autodesk Sketchbook for free at Apple App Store.


Digital Drawing 6-10 years old (1.5 hours)




* First Trial class HK$200/class 


4 class package: HK$1,630 (1.5 hours per class) 

6 class package: HK$2,380 (1.5 hours per class) 

8 class package HK$2,880 (1.5 hours per class) 


Sample Themes:

1. Favorite Cartoon character

2. Favorite food with themselves in cartoon

3. Dream house (Fairytale)

4. Magic Weapons/ tools

5. Family photos

6. Creatures 

7. Imaginary Friends

8. Monsters

  •  Equipment: Students bring their own iPads and stylus pens 
  •  Software: Students (6-11 years old) can download Autodesk Sketchbook for free and please install before class.


Digital Drawing 11-15 years old (2 hours)





* First Trial Class HK$275/class


4 class package HK$2,200 (2 hours per class) 

6 class package HK$3,200 (2 hours per class) 

8 class package HK$3,840 (2 hours per class)


Sample Themes:

1. Character design

2. Landscape design

3. Sequential Art – Story illustration and character design 

4. Poster design

5. Magazine/ Book cover design

  • Equipment: Students bring their own laptops with drawing tablets (i.e. Wacom) and stylus pens.     
  • Software: (11-15 years old) can start with Autodesk Sketchbook and later the instructor will advise about using Adobe Photoshop. Please download and install Sketchbook before class.




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