Christmas & New Year Art Workshops


Choose an activity from art workshop menu. Have a private art workshop at our studio (Central/ Wanchai) or another venue for 2-3 hours. We can also customize an art workshop for you. Please WhatsApp +852 66951161 for inquiry and booking. 



 10% off for 2 people sign up together for all Christmas workshops. 


Christmas Wreaths (1.5-2 hours)

 HK$320/person for one 25cm wreath includes all materials (fresh/preserved noble fir, fresh/preserved cypress leaves, dried leaves,  dried fruits,  pine cones, cottons, etc) . Family (1 adult 1 child for one wreath: HK$380/pair)





 Christmas Candle on Wood Plate (~1.5 hours)

 (HK$400/person includes one cup of soy wax candle) Family (1 adult 1 child for one candle: HK$480/pair)

 (Wood slice size: 15 cm in diameter; soy wax candle cup 6~7 cm width, 6~7cm height)


  Christmas Gel Candle   (1.5 -2 hours)

  (HK$320/person for round cup gel wax candle; size 7x8cm). Family (1 adult 1 child for one candle: HK$400/pair). 


(HK$350/person for cube gel wax and soy wax candle; outer cube cup 7x7cm; inner round cup 6x4.5cm ) 1.5-2 hours. Family (1 adult 1 child for one candle: HK$380/pair)


 Christmas Ornament Decoration (HK$200 for Two 10cm ornaments, materials included) 1 hour




  Christmas Box Decoration with LED lights

  (HK$300/person includes all art materials)  ~1-1.5 hour . Family (1 adult 1 child for one box: HK$380/pair)   




    Christmas Planet Candle 

    HK$480 (3.5 hours)

    Size: One 7cm 3-color candle, wood plate ~15cm



  Mosaic Candle Holder 

  HK$300-HK$340 (2-4 hours for 2 to 4 patterns on the cup). Add HK$80 for family (1 adult and 1 child for one holder).

  Includes all materials. (Candles not included)

  Size: 8x10 cm


  Turkish Mosaic Lamp 

  HK$450 (3 hours) Family (1 adult 1 child for one lamp: HK$530/pair)

  Includes all materials (light bulb included). Size: ~28cm H



 Christmas LED Globe HK$250/person (1 hour)

 All materials included.



 Got an idea but not sure how to work it out? Email us about your event to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us do the work for you!