Regular Juniors Art Courses

     Artistic Junior Art Workshop for 9 - 15 years old 

 "Painting is just another way to keeping a diary" - Pablo Picasso





A fun, dynamic and exciting extra-curricular art session designed for young people to discover their creativity through exploring the diverse world of art. Choco L'art Studio will introduce kids to different mediums and tools and to stretch their mind. Students will explore oil paint, acrylic paint on canvas, oil pastels, charcoal, digital drawing and painting and mixed media.


Every course covers a different subject area. Students are introduced to the techniques of Painting, Illustration, Drawing and Collage.


They will explore Oil paint (12 yrs old+)acrylic paint on canvasoil pastels, colour pencil, watercolour, charcoal and mixed-media expression. Students can also turn their own drawings and paintings into digital ones or use softwares and applications to create a digital drawing and painting.


Classes will be structured around a particular project or theme which aims to make art accessible and fun! We hope that, with the skills learnt, students can go on creating their own artwork whenever they feel inspired.


We also provide Art Profolio Preparation to DSE, IB, GCSE Art students.


- Course fee: 1 session - $390; 4 sessions - $1,430, 8 sessions - $2,530


- 1.5 hours session


- Class size: 4-6 students

- Package validity: 4 sessions for 2 months; 8 sessions for 3 months 

We provide art workshops for after-school programs and private clubhouse programs. Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.



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