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In his mind,  there is an artist inside everyone... Picasso -maybe; Van Gogh -maybe; Rather a part of one's spirit or soul that needs to be expressed in a creative way.




Creating art with his own hands, Alan works with a range of media such as acrylic, oil painting, sketch anda varieties of graphic programs likeAdobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, 3DMax. He participates in exhibitions in galleries and art space, and his works has been published in books and magazines.



He spent his childhood in English where he built his indulgence with western culture. He came back to the Chinese University of Hong Kong and graduated from Design, where enables him to blend the east and west.

He was an art director in a Hong Kong gallery and delivered visual art education to children and teenagers. Based on a non-didactic, creative teaching style, he encourages learners’ creativity, enjoyment, and confidence. He is also known for integrating Chinese cultural and historical elements in his lessons/coaching. Alan is also a Freelance Artist painter and illustrator.

When appreciating his daily life, he skillfully expresses life’s interesting moments with very fine lines and soft colors. His aim is to facilitate his students during their learning process with solid technical information, personalised attention, and lots of fun!



 painting in Hong Kong - Chocolart Studio