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Ginny is our principal kid instructor and she believes all kids have different talents and great potentials to be discovered under proper guidance and individual care. Ginny loves kids and art; she is dedicated, energetic and passionate about her profession as an art teacher. Ginny also teaches juniors and adults in color pencil, water color and pastel.  




Ms Ginny earned her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Promotions and Imaging from University of Creative Arts at Hong Kong Design Institute. Her areas of expertise include sketching, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic and different kinds of handicrafts. At her free time, Ginny likes to explore and try new art projects and share them with her students. Expect to see Ginny wearing gloves and gear up to try different new projects in the studio!




Ginny’s philosophy is to learn from each individual child, engage, inspire and provide instruction with age-appropriate techniques for different art medium and projects. She sees creating art relieves stress and encourage creative thinking in children that will benefit them in many ways. She also understands the importance of time management during class especially for kids, so they enjoy, learn and and manage their works/projects effectively. Last but not the least, Ginny strives to make every student enjoys art and guide them to unleash their creativity and imaginations to the fullest.



In his mind,  there is an artist inside everyone... Claude Monet- maybe; Alfred Sisley- maybe;  Henri Marti-maybe; as well as other impressionist ; Rather a part of one's spirit or soul that needs to be expressed in a creative way.


Anthony’s passion for the arts is evident in him over 13-years art creation. 

After earning his BScH in Engineering, Anthony studied western painting under the guidance of Mr. Tang Wing Chi, a famous HK painting master. He then went on to pursue his post-graduate studies at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, one of the top Art Universities in China. Benefited from numerous celebrities and professors’ advice such as Sandro Trotti, a contemporary Italian painter.

Anthony works primarily with oils but also acrylic, pastel and sketching. He likes to travel around the world, making numerous freehand oil painting to record his fresh and rich insights about the vitality of the trees, streams and hills along the way.

Anthony presented his work in joint exhibitions at Hong Kong Cultural Centre - “All Together Now……”  (2017). His work has also been exhibited in Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Guyuan Museum of ART, Lingnan Fine Arts Museum.


With extraordinary painting techniques that were acquired through years of practice, Anthony excel at using skillful freehand brushstrokes to convey the sceneries as seen in his hearts, revealing his strong emotional reactions to the beauty of the world.

He enjoys creating his own artwork, viewing other artists work, and teaching Art to people.  Not only does he take pleasure in sharing his knowledge about art history and the process of making, but he wants his students to experience art and understand how much it affects their lives.  

Anthony is also fond of introducing the spirit of freehand painting to the community.



painting in Hong Kong - Chocolart Studio

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